Bin Zhu S/S 2015 lookbook photographed by Marion Berrin

Ph. Thomas Dikk

I went to the Serpentine again this morning. Marina walked up to me, offered to take my hand and led me to the center platform to stand quietly with my eyes closed. She kept her hand on my back for a moment and then walked off the platform. I stayed for over 3 hours today. I want to stay open to close tomorrow. 


Tim Eitel: Projection, 2014 Öl auf Leinwand 220 x 320 cm

I was with Marina Abramovic at 512 hours and it’s all I’m going to be able to talk or think about for a while apologies. 


Katie Bell
THE BURIAL (INSTALLATION VIEW), 20118 X 8ft linolium, vinyl, acrylic, and plastic on wall
(via Make Space - Katie Bell)


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I’m actually terribly homesick and feel ungrateful as hell. This trip has really been triggering my anxiety. Everything feels overwhelming and I am exhausted constantly fighting the desire to curl up and cry in my room by myself. I’m meeting so many people but I don’t want to see them. All the work I’ve been doing in therapy and at home feels like its coming undone and I’m hating myself for feeling this way which I know is the root of the problem. 

Annie Clark photographed by Beth Herzhaft

patricia treib “cuff” 2012

Léa Peckre S/S 2014 lookbook by Tom de Peyret


imagine an aesthetic con

vaporwave blasting all throughout the hotel. everyone cosplaying or carrying around roman statues. many pastels. potted plants literally everywhere. windows 95. macintosh. everyone is taking pictures of the pool

by the way I’m in London for the next 3 weeks y’all, give me a holler if you’re in town!